"And while all of these major fashion moments made a lasting impression on our hearts, couture designer Ashley Rose’s debut NYFW presentation took our breath away. Her latest, “Behind Glass,” served as a crucial reminder that fashion week is not always about following and starting trends, but using fashion as a unique outlet for creativity and exploration."


New York Magazine

"This Line Inspired By Victorian Wax Corpses Really Made Our Fashion Week. Ashley Rose Couture’s collections have always been a mix of the bizarre and the Harper’s Bazaar, but on Tuesday the Massachusetts-based designer really outdid herself by debuting a new line based on the medical specimens at Alamo Drafthouse’s creepy House of Wax." 



"I have been watching shows and the looks that are on the runways. Sometimes I am enthused and excited, other times, I am disappointed or bored. This is one of the “excited” times because the look from the runways for Ashley Rose Couture Collection for Fall/Winter 2018 is amazing!"